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3step_paradise's Journal

Three steps from Paradise: Multi-Fandom RP
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Three Steps from Paradise splash
The Game Board

Nothing. It seems like forever, then suddenly, there is light. All around you stand the buildings of a futuristic paradise. It echos emptily, yet water flows, and electricity hums. By your side stands a strange doctor explaining already, even though you've just woken up, and offering what people of the modern day will note is similar to a smart phone. Ringing quite impatiently, a voice waits on the other side: "You've arrived. Welcome to our game..."

The multi-verse stands just as surely as people imagine it. It's inhabitants are beings so beyond our mortal scope and ability to behold that they are simply known as gods. We give them a great many names, and imagine them in a great many ways. The only thing everyone in existence can agree on is they exist, for the most part. They are our creators, our caretakers, and most prominently, our game masters. We exist for their amusement, and have from time to time played parts in a great many of their games. As it stands, three gods that preside over one particular floor of the multi-verse have invited the others for a game of amusement, laying the ultimate trap by invoking the other gods' pride when their game had been declined: "It's perfectly understandable if you think our creations can best yours."

So now you are a pawn in a game. The game is oft spoken of, but never mentioned in detail. Reminders lay everywhere, and for those few that think their gods have abandoned them and left them to their own fate, there are reminders they are everywhere as well. Plots to overthrow these three would-be game masters are in the works with traps having been carefully lain, and all that needs added is the final ingredient: PAWNS.

The Game Status


The Key Pieces

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The Game Masters

General inquiries go to the FAQ. Need a mod? Contact us via email or AIM.

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